Who is Backwoods Joe?

You and I are. Just regular people, in the woods, enjoying nature. It’s not about trophies or a one off adventure, it’s more about living in, around, and with nature on a daily basis.

If we kill it, we eat it. We don’t focus on how fast we can get from point A to point B, we want to explore, and get to know what there is to be found between points A and B.

It’s the smell of that first cup of coffee brewing over the fire. A mist is hanging over the lake, the air is crisp. You, alone or with friends, sit around the fire in silent meditation over a cup of “Backwoods Joe”.

Life is crazy and so very busy that we think it’s important to take a break once in a while, get a breath of fresh air, have a conversation with a friend over a coffee, a smoke or a scotch. Whatever it is for you, live your life!

What will the show be about?

Hiking, fishing, hunting, gardening, brewing, cooking, camping, laughing, falling, bleeding, and laughing some more.

What about growing your own? Fruits, Vegetables, and Beards. You bet! I grew up raising a few cows for our own beef and as many vegetables as we could get to grow. I’m in!

Preserving, home-brew, homestead skills, farmers markets, bushcraft skills, animal husbandry, etc. I’m game to try it all.

So pull up your boots, grab a backpack or a garden hoe and let’s have some fun.

Go Outside and Play!

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